dinsdag, juli 08, 2003

Two Heads Are Better Than None

Ranking right up there with media bombardment of the unrelentingly tedious Lacy Peterson non-story, brace yourself for another hand-wringing episode of all-consuming banality as the second of the conjoined Iranian twins is reported dead.

For the last week we've been assaulted with this phony news about these two Iranians with their heads stuck together deciding to have a "dangerous" surgery to separate their heads and it has been played out ad infinitum as though such bromidic twaddle were actually news. Why aren't we bombarded daily with hot tales of how many dead Iraqi civilians are piled up thanks to America's pseudo war on terrorism, hmmmm? Or how WorldCom, yet another American corporation that raped millions from its shareholders so its CEOs could get a nice multi-million dollar bonus and run free with the entrails of the lifesavings of thousands?

I'll tell you why. Because Americans don't care. They don't want anything real or tangible messing up the phlegmatic pablum of their news broadcasts. So instead of truth, instead of news, the networks are sated with anti-news stories created and hyped to give Americans a sense of tranquility yet at the same time, a false sense of knowledge of "current events". Stuff your cake holes with another hot dog. Spend another eternity in shopping malls consuming. Don't worry your pretty little American heads about all the killing the government is doing in your name. Wave your little symbols of patriot ignorance, speculate on media-hoax murder trials and most of all, keep your heads firmly planted up your asses so Big Daddy Jesus can go on another killing spree in the name of peace.

Whew. Must be time to reduce the caffeine intake.

The Washington Post has an excellent section called Photojournalists Eye The War which includes slideshows of 24 photographers as they narrate about what it took to capture the images they took of the Invasion of Iraq.

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