dinsdag, juni 20, 2006

Cheap Viagra Big Dicks

In the yawning chasm of every woman's
dream there must seem that burning question
of what the world will do
when all the viagra has been consumed
and all the dicks are hard forever.

Some say it's been done before
without the cheap hieroglyphics
of buying drinks and reading minds
or deciphering whose baby
will be whose baby
will beget another baby
nobody wants
for all those viagra erections

but yet the spam keeps coming
as if by dulling the senses
we will be aware of the finer
qualities of hard ons
and all their noble purposes.

I don't want a life long dick.
I don't need a permanent erection,
I don't need to satisfy a woman
24 hours a day because neither of us
will be interested that long.

So keep your cheap viagra big dick bucks
for the kind of people who don't know
when enough is enough
and leave the rest of us
to find love.