woensdag, juli 20, 2005

Yo Tengo Tantos Hermanos...

Yo tengo tantos hermanos que no los puedo contar.

En el valle, la montaña, en la pampa y en el mar.

Cada cual con sus trabajos, con sus suñeos, cada cual

Con la ezperánza adelante, con los recuerdos detrás.

Yo tengo tantos hermanos que no los puedo contar.

Gente de mano calliente por eso de la amistad.

Con un lloro pa llorarlo, con un rezo pa rezar.

Con un horizonte abierto que siempre está más allá.

Y esa fuerza pa buscarlo con tesón y voluntad.

Cuando parece más cerca es cuando se aleja más.

Yo tengo tantos hermanos que no los puedo contar.

Y así seguimos andando, curtidos de soledad.

Nos perdemos por el mundo, nos volvemos á encontrar.

Y así nos reconocemos, por el lejano mirar,

Por la copla que mordemos, semilla de immensidad.

Y así seguimos andandos, curtidos de soledad.

Y en nosotros nuestros muertos pa que nadie quede atrás.

Yo tengo tantos hermanos que no los puedo contar,

Y una novia muy hermosa que se llama Libertad !

dinsdag, juli 19, 2005

Fuck Harry Potter

It isn't possible to hold back the bile any longer. Fuck Harry Potter. There. It's been said, and not just by the devoted Harry Potter Haters in this elusive club of faceless iconoclasts gathered in the book burning salons of shopping malls throughout the world.

Apparently, he dies. Fans are "really sad".

Funny, the world is disintegrating around them into chaos, anarchy and death and somehow there are still people left mourning over the death of a fictitious children's book character.

Is it any wonder there are people in the world who hate us and want to destroy our civilisation? It isn't the sham of democracy and freedom nor the chance to stand in line for a Super Sized Super Meal in some fast food flesh fest that drives people to go on crazed suicide bombing rampages and utter catchy phrases like you love life, we love death, it's Harry Potter and the legions of idiots who would feel "really sad" about the death of a fictitious character and live in some super-Idiot escapist world where the a fictitious muppet rules Holland.

Get these kids and their adult-pretender wanna-be sick fantasy world intellects off the rubbish and on to something edifying, like:

And if not, note that in the never-ending search for intelligent life amongst the lemmings clammering for the latest new edition of Harry Potter, you might just come across the kind of anger and hatred for western civilisation that you normally only find amoung suicide bombers:

Harry Potter and the Department of Social Security via the refreshing just ram it...

On the other hand, there is the compelling argument that if The Pope doesn't like it it must be something good for you.

Nevertheless, join us in asking the eternal question that time forgot:

Is Harry Potter Gay?

woensdag, juli 13, 2005

New Tattoo

I've finally decided on the image for the new tat, perfectly indicative of the brave new world we live in.

It's either that, or the other icon of western civilisation:

Cast your vote. The fate of the western world relies upon it.

donderdag, juli 07, 2005

Chirac-Fed Terrorists Pay Back London For Olympic Victory and Bad Cuisine

One day after Paris lost their 2012 Olympic bid, Chirac-fed terrorists claimed victory of a different sort, London suffered a series of retaliatory bombings during morning rush hour.

"One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad," Chirac noted just a few days before of the English. "They will pay for winning the Olympic bid and they will pay for their rotten fish and chips."

Although Al Qaeda have claimed to be behind the attacks, several sources within the French government have indicated that the attacks were masterminded by Mr Chirac who was reportedly incensed that London was awarded the 2012 Olympic Games rather than Paris and ordered French sous chefs to hide explosives in freshly imported packages of common pan-gallic chauvinism, cleverly disguised as fish and chips newspaper wrap, and place them throughout the London Underground and a few double decker buses.

Chirac officially denied any hand in the attacks and joined the other Group of Eight leaders in condemning them.

"Today we are all les Anglo-Saxons, we are all mass consumers of fish and chips, we are all fat, lager chugging yobs...", Chirac reportedly announced in empathy.