donderdag, juli 17, 2003

Autobiography Of A Pistol

lyrics by Ellis Paul

I'm a pistol, a forty-five
I just shot two men in this hot-house-dive
Now I'm smoking -- a burning hot barrel of metal
Believe it or not, I was bought by this guy named Ray,
A card carrying member of the NRA
But he left me out in his car one day,
And now the finger on my trigger hasn't seen its sixteenth birthday

Some things they never tell you,
When you're riding the assembly line
Like who'll be the hands to hold you,
And what's their state of mind
Hell, I'm not much bigger than a pointed index finger
So who am I to lay the blame?
I'm only here to cause some pain...

The sirens -- I can hear them, they're singing...
They're singing my song,
"When the sun sets I get upset --
darkness fills me, and I want to light up the world"...

Would you believe I've seen better days?
I starred in westerns, won rave reviews.
Now I sit on a shelf, tagged for judgement day.
I've got to change a jury's point of view.
You see, guns don't kill people, it's the bullets that do.
I said guns don't kill people, bullets do.
Yeah, the bullets do ...

from the album Stories, 1995

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