donderdag, december 18, 2003

Hostage Saddam

According to DEBKAfile analysts there are seven anomalies about the state of Saddam's hiding place to point to one conclusion: Saddam Hussein was not in hiding; he was a prisoner.

"After his last audiotaped message was delivered and aired over al Arabiya TV on Sunday November 16, on the occasion of Ramadan, Saddam was seized, possibly with the connivance of his own men, and held in that hole in Adwar for three weeks or more, which would have accounted for his appearance and condition. Meanwhile, his captors bargained for the $25 m prize the Americans promised for information leading to his capture alive or dead. The negotiations were mediated by Jalal Talabani’s Kurdish PUK militia.

These circumstances would explain the ex-ruler’s docility – described by Lt.Gen. Ricardo Sanchez as “resignation” – in the face of his capture by US forces. He must have regarded them as his rescuers and would have greeted them with relief.

From Gen. Sanchez’s evasive answers to questions on the $25m bounty, it may be inferred that the Americans and Kurds took advantage of the negotiations with Saddam’s abductors to move in close and capture him on their own account, for three reasons:

A. His capture had become a matter of national pride for the Americans. No kudos would have been attached to his handover by a local gang of bounty-seekers or criminals. The country would have been swept anew with rumors that the big hero Saddam was again betrayed by the people he trusted, just as in the war.

B. It was vital to catch his kidnappers unawares so as to make sure Saddam was taken alive. They might well have killed him and demanded the prize for his body. But they made sure he had no means of taking his own life and may have kept him sedated.

C. During the weeks he is presumed to have been in captivity, guerrilla activity declined markedly – especially in the Sunni Triangle towns of Falluja, Ramadi and Balad - while surging outside this flashpoint region – in Mosul in the north and Najef, Nasseriya and Hilla in the south. It was important for the coalition to lay hands on him before the epicenter of the violence turned back towards Baghdad and the center of the Sunni Triangle.

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

"He's a deceiver, he's a liar, he's a torturer, he's a murderer. I can't imagine why he would change his attitude," President Jesus Bush told reporters in Washington referring to Saddam Hussein. "I'd be very cautious about relying upon his word in any way, shape or form."

Hmmm. It's already established that Bush is a Liar.

You could certainly make the argument that Bush is a Murderer.

In fact, "Bush, murderer" is a pretty popular chant in some parts.

Now the evidence of Bush being a torturer, well, one need only look at the liberal ranks in America to see the case being made and as Orwell wrote in "1984":

"Always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler ... If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — for ever."


Please don't kill me Mister Bush!


So, if you're looking for a bigger enemy of humanity than President Jesus Bush, you need only look towards General Zod and his views on xmas:

"As you can see, I heard that this "Santa Claus" was making an appearance at a local mall. So I met him there, and ended the matter. I must ask you humans a question however: Why do you choose to celebrate an obese man in a hideous suit who has the stench of cheap liquor on his breath? The odor was so strong that even I, the great General Zod, chose to cover my nose while ending his life. Revolting.

Your Santa Claus is dead and I roasted his reindeer over an open fire (Non ate them shortly after). From this day forth, I am your new Santa. SANTA ZOD!"

I'm surprised President Jesus Bush hasn't thought of this one yet: even Santa is a terrorist.

President Santa Bush. Merry Deathmas.

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