maandag, december 22, 2003

Berry xmas, man

For no reason other than the best one: because I think so, the xmas posts are in memory of my favorite American poet,
John Berryman.

let the berryment begin:

the 8th of his Dream Songs:


The weather was fine. They took away his teeth,
white & helpful; bothered his backhand;
halved his green hair.
they blew out his loves, his interests. ‘Underneath,’
(they called in iron voices) ‘understand,
is nothing. So there.’

The weather was very fine. They lifted off
his covers till he showed, and cringed & pled
to see himself less.
they installed mirrors till he flowed. ‘Enough’
(murmured they) ‘if you will watch Us instead,
yet you may saved be. Yes’

The weather fleured. They weakened all his eyes,
and burning thumbs into his ears, and shook
his hand like a notch.
They flung long silent speeches. (Off the hook!)
They sandpapered his plumpest hope. (So capsize.)
They took away his crotch.

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