maandag, december 15, 2003

for all the little Saddams going gently into that night, a dedication:

from the Tehran Times (who else?) comes the following ditty on Uncle Saddam's capture:

"There was something very suspicious about the sudden fall of Baghdad, despite the presence of a battle-hardened regular army, many irregular loyalists, and deep bunkers. In addition, the fact that Saddam spent eight months on the run eluding the occupying forces was also a mystery, as is his capture.

Taking into consideration the fact that Saddam could only travel in 15 percent of Iraq’s territory, coupled with the activities of local militias opposed to his rule and the U.S.-led coalition troops, who tracked down and killed his sons Uday and Qusay, it seems that the U.S. knew the exact whereabouts of the dictator all along and postponed his capture as part of a preplanned scheme to tighten the siege on him and his staunch loyalists."

Is that to accuse the Jesus Christ-loving Bush Administration of a cynical, Machiavellian heresies in the market of truth? Hmmm. Interesting and further:

"After the coup, Saddam imposed an eight-year war against the Iranian people after having received the green light from the U.S. According to CIA documents, U.S. satellites and AWACS gave the Iraqi army information about the movements of the Iranian armed forces. Moreover, a large number of U.S. and other Western companies facilitated Saddam’s chemical weapons program, which produced weapons that were later used against Iran. Citing an example, current U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld traveled to Iraq several times and met with Saddam Hussein.

Taking all this into consideration and the planned scenario of the so-called campaign against terrorism, which was initiated after the suspicious September 11 attacks by the White House hawks, which was engineered with the purpose of dominating the world, especially the Islamic world, it would be naïve if one were to think that the occupiers would allow the oppressed Iraqi people to decide the fate of the dictator of the century.

Now, we should say “Saddam is finished” because his role in implementing the plots of the mafia of world powers has come to an end. He will vanish in U.S. detention and will never be allowed to speak freely."

And the band played on...

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