maandag, december 22, 2003

As Safe as Dry Gauze for Covering Long-Term Central IV Catheters in Haemodialysis Patients

"The capture of Saddam is a good thing which I hope very much will keep our soldiers in Iraq and around the world safer, but the capture of Saddam has not made America safer.'' Howard Dean directly contradicting the pollyannish doggerel from the lips of President Jesus Bush as several Democratic presidential contenders who sought to burnish their foreign policy credentials after Saddam was captured like a fox in a hole.

Alot of idiots, let's say for example the inexpliquable little whiner with the Joe Lieberman wince who jealously grumbled that Dean was living in a "spider hole of denial" for not jumping out to wave his President Jesus Bush for Life flag and celebrate the capture of Saddam, acted like a pack of jackals salivating around a corpse when Saddam was captured.

Lieberman, chief idiot of the campaign to "sort of" unseat President Jesus Bush but not in any offensive way to his favorite right wing steering committee of the Democratic Party, apparently in all seriousness and candor, remarked:

"I fear that the American people will wonder if they will be safer with him as president if Howard Dean cannot understand why the capture of Saddam Hussein has made America safer.''

If America is so bloody safe now, according to war apologists like the impish little Lieberman, then why has the terrorism threat level been raised to my favourite color, orange yet again?

Federal officials said yesterday that because fresh intelligence suggests al Qaeda is planning multiple catastrophic terrorist attacks in the United States, they were raising the national threat alert status to "high risk," or code orange, a step administration officials previously had said they were reluctant to take except in the most unusual circumstances.

"The strategic [intelligence] indicators, including al Qaeda's continued desire to carry out attacks against our homeland, are perhaps greater now than at any point since September 11th," Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said at an impromptu news conference yesterday. "Information indicates that extremists abroad are anticipating near-term attacks that they believe will rival, or exceed, the attacks in New York [and] at the Pentagon."

Well, so much for the party for the capture of Saddam.

Here's your chuffin safe America, dedicated to the eternal optimist or bitter sycophant, Joe Lieberman:

"I encourage you to continue with your holiday plans," Ridge said. "Gather with your family and friends. . . . We will show the terrorists this holiday season both our goodwill toward our fellow men, and our readiness and resolve to protect our families."

Yeah, that'll show them! Run and hide and celebrate your holidays in spider holes!

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