maandag, december 08, 2003

Een Prinses

So, Maxima, daughter of one implicated in Argentina's dirty war, has bestowed a baby girl of her own to the good people of Holland.

"Maxima and I are proud and happy to announce the birth of a healthy baby girl," a beaming Prince Willem-Alexander said. "She's like a cloud."

Hmmm. Wonder what kind of cloud he had in mind. Perhaps something like this?

"The most potent
weapon in the hands of
the oppressor is the
mind of the oppressed."

— Steve Biko

The voting age may be lowered to 16 in England because the government believes doing so would re-engage young people in politics.

Does that mean Eminem will be the next Prime Minister?


Must cop to some official jealousy about this weekend: a what a wonderful blizzard in NYC over the last few days. How I yearned to look out my window and see big, wet flakes falling down.

"It's the biggest storm ever in the first 10 days of December, at least since they started keeping records in 1869," Manhattan weather historian Steve Fybish said.

Meanwhile, here in Warwickshire, one must rely upon mere videos of snowfall for such pleasures.


That isn't to say we aren't don't have some excitement today as up to half a million supporters are expected to flock to central London on Monday for England's Rugby World Cup victory parade.

Odd, they've lined the streets of Birmingham and the big shopping districts of London with armed coppers to "scare off" the big terrorist plot everyone has been waiting for and yet, here we are, lining the streets with half a million people celebrating as though there were no possibility of London Terrorism. It must be my warped thinking but it was the first thought upon hearing a half a million celebrating: boom.


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