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Putin's Plot To Freeze Europe Into Compliance Might Backfire

It is hard to see Vladimir Putin’s gas war paying off. Yesterday, in ordering Gazprom to turn off the tap to the European pipelines running through Ukraine, he made it into a challenge to the EU, not just to the perpetually collapsing Government in Kiev. The Russian Prime Minister makes no secret of his determination to use the state gas monopoly as a weapon. Any pretence that this is a commercial row between a gas supplier and a customer is ridiculous.

Putin says "Ukraine has stolen gas not from Russia, but from consumers who have bought the product and paid for it,"

via ice age now

Not that it matters much, arguing semantics when Britain's cold snap has seen temperatures drop so drastically that the sea off the south coast froze over.

and yes of course whilst the thieves energy suppliers in the UK are gradually easing their own stranglehold over the public, this crisis could jack the prices right back up. Oh conspiracies!

this fucking war reports
Several EU countries have introduced emergency restrictions on natural-gas use. On Wednesday Ukraine, which has built up large reserves, also said it may need to curb usage for domestic consumers. Russian imports account for about a quarter of the EU's total natural-gas consumption, and 80% of those Russian imports come via Ukraine.

Alternatively, a little piss-taking on the matter via Fuck France; commentary is golden.

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