dinsdag, januari 06, 2009

newsworthy of note today, so far.

Hidden amid the usual blahblahblahs about the current Big Chill of 09 is the startling insinuation that While the icy weather is predicted to last until the weekend, scientists at the Met Office in London and the University of East Anglia said this year's average global temperature would be more than 0.4C above the long-term average, which would make 2009 one of the five hottest years on record.

Imagine that whilst you can always get warmer from the cold, ie throwing on more layers, more logs in the fire, turn the heat up, stay at work longer, whatever, staying cool in a steaming hot country with little airco is the stuff of a very unpleasant summer. Let's hope they're off the mark as usual. Bring on the dreary British summer!


hints for weekends the rest of the year - basically something to do every weekend although not all of it is either practical or, particularly interesting. Best of the early bunch?

MAY 29-31 Ashburton Blues Festival The problem with Glastonbury and Reading and all those other festivals is that you can’t hear the words. And it’s not music, it’s noise; so disgruntled dads should head instead to the equally ancient Dartmoor town of Ashburton, for three days of proper music that you can tap your feet to. Headlining on the Saturday are Nine Below Zero, while Sunday sees 1960s favourites the Animals rocking out. Tickets for the weekend cost £70 (www.ashburtonbluesfestival.com ); doubles at Gages Mill Country Guest House (01364 652391, www.gagesmill.co.uk ) cost £74 per night.


nothing much on this photo, just amused me - basically related to an article about the dimming of the diamond market in Antwerpen. Per the article, Antwerpen remains one of the world’s few centers of spoken Yiddish. Besides the great beer (Antwerpen pub guide found here, the architecture, art, etc, yet another reason I'm making Antwerpen my City to Visit this Spring.

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