zondag, januari 11, 2009

Ominous Leaflets

Gaza Intensifying

"The Israel Defense Forces will intensify shortly its directed operation against tunnels, weapon storehouses and members of terrorist groups all over Gaza. For your safety and that of your family you are asked to stay away from terrorist elements and from places where terrorist operations occur. Please continue abiding by our orders.”

Probably easier said than done. Question is, where to go when the borders are closed?


Good, albeit somewhat depressing film last night, frequently acclaimed of late = the story of a man wrestling with his own mortality, his failings and failures as well as his passion

Soundtrack by Springsteen, an added bonus...

Also watched a somewhat quirky Vicky Cristina Barcelona, directed by Woody Allen - you get the feeling at times that a bunch of fit birds are simply reciting Allen dialogue so transparent as it becomes at time. And whilst Scarlett Johansson is a real pleasure to watch from all angles, it's nothing to do with her acting, which is beautifully dull and uninspired. Rarily does so little elicit so much attention.


Although the overhyped and uinspirational bands at Mother's Ruin (VILE IMBECILES and LOADED MOMENT)were a disappointment, Friday night was saved by the performance of The Ten Pound Suit Band at Tantric Jazz.

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