vrijdag, januari 16, 2009

Dick Clarke And The Dickless Lightbulbs

"that ain't no dress,
that's a rag!"

10. I'll Want Complete Control (this is solely an act. the real agenda is
you can turn dogs into cats. No one knows why. No one takes credit.
Not even God.)

9. One Saturday, I Spent The Entire Afternoon Caluclating Litres Into Gallons,
Pounds into powder, the exchange rate to the money-less.

8. She played guitar because socially, she was disfunctional.

7. If You Like The Dream, Fuck It and Return It To The Manufacturers
and ask for birth control.

6. They will love each other in georgeous moments
and indifference in every other hour.

5. Somehow the praying will create a television
and with it, somnambulism.

4. She loves me, she loves me not.

3. I will cry because it's in the script.
If it were up to me, I'll take a granite face
on Mount Rushmore.

2. How fucking vain can one man be,

1. Here we find ourselves, intertwined.
Let's hope we can unravel ourselves.

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