dinsdag, januari 13, 2009

Did you ever indulge yourself in something you knew was simply never going to amount to anything positive of productive?

Aye, here I am, two mornings running, working out in the gym with this MTV show on the telly transfixing me called Life of Ryan.

Now don't get me wrong, it's an utterly rubbish, phony and predictable show in the same vein as all other rubbish, phony, predictable pseudo-reality shows produced by MTV.

I couldn't care less about the content but in these last miserable days in Merry Ole with it being dark, windy, wet and cold, what captured my eye were the shots of San Clemente and the beautiful beaches which, if you live in England, you might simple stumble over drooling over.

England versus San Clemente (cheers to View from Above for the hideous overview of Leeds which helps prove my point...

And naturally thinking about San Clemente got me thinking about Nixon, which naturally led to Frost/Nixon, which I've liked but have fallen asleep two nights running trying to finish wathching....

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