zondag, januari 04, 2009

Back after a year and a half's absence, wow. Let's hope it lasts.

So here are some of the most recent things to link to:


První ceská filmová reality show Ceský sen


Paris je t'aime.

granted, both of these are not recent films just films I've recently seen which I consider to be the same thing :)

Now, as for activities, there's the FA CUP match on TERRESTRIAL telly, magod, sports on (reasonably free) tv! featuring Aston Villa against Gillingham. Billed as a "dogfight" which is an odd term for two football teams competing in an historic national cup.

or, if travel is in the cards, how about a steam-driven real Ale train

Free gig at Louisiana today/night featuring, among others, Weston Super Mare's own This Summer Sunrise.

others on the calendar check out Bristol Bands which sadly, The Bad Pandas have yet to appear on.

Interesting read, particularly here in Brizzle:

the Seagull Menace (great name for a local band if it were...) - in any event, the Rise of the Urban Seagull; let the culling begin....

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