zondag, januari 25, 2009

Happy 250th, Mr Burns


Rant of the Day

One, Gordon d'Andilly, writes: "Oh for crying out loud! Can all these outraged sensitive souls just drop it now. Yes, we get the message you don't like Jonathan Ross, we understand you think the licence fee is too high, pointless, an outrage etc etc etc ...

"I am so bored by this false moral outrage by the same bunch of half-baked, slightly loony fruitcakes that crawl out of the woodwork every time something someone may find funny/offensive is aired ... there was very little wrong in September, there is nothing wrong now. Go away! Go back to reading the Daily Mail and the Watchtower and leave normal people alone."


Suicide Invoice by Hot Snakes


Photograph: Patrick Bernard/AFP/Getty Images


50 reasons to make it to France

If I hear another word about the plunge of the pound against the euro, I shall start shooting. I know all about it, thank you.
I live in France, am paid mainly in sterling and so now rely on squirrel traps for the Sunday lunch.
But, despite this new and frisky relationship with the food chain, I shall not be leaving. The landscape – sea, mountains, rivers, forests and lakes – assembles the best of Europe in one country. That costs nothing. Nor does the politeness and general decorum. It’s still possible to take a midnight stroll in a city centre without being vomited upon.

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