zaterdag, juli 03, 2004

Go Fuck Yourself!

Desultory Turgescence, fresh from the absinthe and pilsner killing fields of Zizkov, is admittedly a little late coming to this turgid slice of Republican expressiveness, but just the other day, it appears the Vice President of the United States, the man a mere heartbeat from the Presidency, told Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, "go fuck yourself", after the vice president complained he didn't like the Vermont Democrat attacking Halliburton. The Pentagon says Halliburton, formerly headed by Cheney, overcharged taxpayers $186 million in Iraq, and Leahy calls it war profiteering.

Better still, he was almost self-congratulatory in his defence of himself, telling Mr Cavuto on the Al Jazeera of America, Fox News, "I think that a lot of my colleagues felt that what I had said badly needed to be said, that it was long overdue."

It is, in the opinions of many, the precise expression the Bush Administration has lovingly doled out to its opponents internationally at home, time and time again. If you don't like it, Go Fuck Yourself.

"Go Fuck Yourself" should become the Republican Party's Presidential Campaign Slogan. In fact, it should be everyone's official slogan.

So sing along with the editors of Desultory Turgescence in celebration of the greatest of the ruling party of America: (to the tune of "Here Comes the Bride")

Go Fuck Yourself,
Go Fuck Yourself.
Go Fuck Yourself,
you terrorist-loving surrender monkey.

(well, you get the picture)...

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