vrijdag, juli 23, 2004

Spreading Generalised, Promiscuous Anxiety FaLaLaLaLa

As if we weren't busy enough already, it appears the business of fear-mongering is alive and well:

"Ashcroft's performance confirmed the suspicion held by many that the Bush administration is in the cynical business of spreading generalised, promiscuous anxiety through the American populace, a sense of imminent but inexact catastrophe, for reasons that may have little to do with national security and much to do with
political advantage. In the past three years, in the name of homeland security, a vast, coast-to-coast, combined surveillance and people-scaring apparatus has been assembled, on a scale, and with an intimate reach, never before seen in a democracy. The administration appears to be still learning to play this marvellous instrument, and wrong notes, such as those struck by Ashcroft, are common. But practice makes perfect."

excerpt from the Guardian's Running Scared

For those who aren't scared, thar's plenty o money in them thar hills of death and killing! (especially for specialists like, Veep Dick "Go Fuck Yourself" Cheney,:

"Meanwhile, Cheney was busy developing Halliburton's business in other parts of the world. "It is a false dichotomy that we have to choose between our commercial and other interests," he told the [public policy research foundation] Cato Institute in 1998, speaking out against economic sanctions levied by the Clinton administration against countries suspected of terrorist activity. "Our government has become sanctions-happy," he continued."

Profits of War


For those of you who needed millions of dollars of bureaucratic waste, the 9/11 report is finally out and guess what?!

Much like the Butler Report detailing the failure of governments, the equally useless 9/11 Panel magically found No one is really to blame!

Whew. That was a close one.

Now you can go back to your regularly scheduled programming until the next politically expedient terrorist attack or threat thereof will snap you awake with the force of a whiplash car crash.

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