vrijdag, juli 16, 2004

I'm sure you're familiar with it:  there's funny and then there's FUNNY   You decide for yourself.   There's this, for example:   

Edwards Tells Bush To Act Like Blair Did:  
"Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards assailed U.S. President George W. Bush for lacking the courage of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who took full responsibility for the intelligence failures that led both nations into war in Iraq. "
And then there's this:  
Bush Eats Babies  
You just never know where the page is gonna turn.  
Good News
Stratford Upon Avon- The Truth, which once was no more, has now morphed.  You can find more Stratford flotsam bobbing around Shakespeare Wuz 'Ere
And The Word
Link often, and link hard.  
Lastly, the name of the band I haven't yet formed has still not been taken, if you judge by Google searches, so, it remains the name of the band I haven't yet formed:    
Honey, I Killed The President
Coming soon to a music scene near you. 

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