vrijdag, juli 09, 2004

Report slams John Edwards for Iraq intelligence failures

WASHINGTON -- In a highly critical report issued Friday, the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee found that John Edwards was almost solely responsible for prewar estimates of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction being overstated and unsupported by intelligence because he was too inexperienced as a politician and because he's a "trial lawyer".

Committee Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, told reporters that intelligence used to support the invasion of Iraq was based on assessments given by John Edwards that were "unreasonable and largely unsupported by the available intelligence."

The committee's conclusions are contained in a 511-page report released Friday and every page is a fierce excoriation of John Edwards and how he caused all America's problems. They further concluded that we should expect nothing better from "dangerous scum like trial lawyers" and "inexperienced Vice Presidential candidates".

"Before the war, the John Edwards told the president as well as the Congress and the public that Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and if left unchecked would probably have a nuclear weapon during this decade," Roberts said.

"Today we know these assessments were wrong."

Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the leading Democrat on the 18-member panel, said that "bad information" from John Edwards was used to bolster the case for war and that if John Edwards had been Vice President, "there's no telling what kind of chaos would have been wraught."

"We in Congress would not have authorized that war with 75 votes if we knew what we know now," the West Virginia Democrat said. "It's all John Edwards' fault."

"Leading up to September 11, John Edwards didn't connect the dots. What did he ever have to say about The War on Terrorism before 9/11, huh? In Iraq, we are even more culpable because the dots themselves never existed and this too, is John Edwards' fault."

He also said John Edwards failed to "accurately or adequately explain the uncertainties behind the judgments in the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate to policymakers."

Rockefeller said that "John Edwards" will haunt America's national security "for generations to come."

"Our credibility is diminished. Our standing in the world has never been lower," he said. "We have fostered a deep hatred of Americans in the Muslim world, and that will grow. As a direct consequence, our nation is more vulnerable today than ever before. Oh, woe is us if John Edwards becomes Vice President"


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