woensdag, december 04, 2002

Inside The Terror Dome
A brief review of current DOD evasion tactics

"I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person." -- Walt Whitman

In need of a little Daedalian comedy to counteract an onslaught of overactive alphawave energy last night, I took on the Great American Duty of smoking enough bong hits to anesthetize a blue whale while watching the CSPAN rebroadcast of yesterday's DOD press conference with Dizzy Don Rumsfeld and the cagey lipwork of General Myers. Rumsfeld's slight-of-word subterfuge and simultaneous shell game with the truth was riveting. It appeared to be a running joke with the press, who should have been firing viles of public revulsion at this class clown, that any question whose answer could not be lied about, would be inventively avoided by Rumsfeld.

Q=Why was the assassination of six people in Yemen *not* a DOD mission?
A= Hahaha. I don't know, what's the DOD? Haha. I won't even concede there is a country called Yemen. Hahaha.
Q=What is the DOD policy on taking lethal action in foreign countries?
A=Huh? I'll answer that after the war, Hahaha. Did you know I was one of the authors of the Freedom of Information act? hahaha. (actually, he made this claim for real)
Q=Well, did the CIA present nearly a hundred examples of contacts between Iraq and al Qaeda?
A=I'm not sure we even know who the CIA is yet. Hahaha. Iraq? Do they still exist? Hahaha. I'm trying to answer your question, read my blinking eyelids. Hahaha.

General Myers' answers were even more forthcoming: a multiple choice palate of
A. I don't want to go into details...
B. I'm not familiar with that (theory or truth)
C. I'll defer the lies in answer to that question to the master. Rummy?
D. Never heard of it. We'll check it out and "get back to you". (hahaha)

No word yet on when the official DOD press conference laugh track will be made available to the general public.

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