zondag, december 29, 2002

High Stakes Ping Pong in Pyongyang

As if the outrages of U.S. warmongers and their hostile policies toward the North Korean worker's paradise weren't enough, the Korean New Agency revealed that The Linguistic Society and the History Society of the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) just held a joint symposium on changing the English name of the country.

According to the speakers at the symposium, the Japanese imperialists changed "Corea", the English name of the peninsula used since the mid-13th century into "Korea" in a crafty and base method early in the 20th century. According to even historical data that have been discovered and ascertained so far, Corea had been publicly recognized as the English name for the country in the international community irrespective of any European languages from the 1250s to the end of the 1800s and the feudal government of the country also used "Corea" on its diplomatic documents and treaties signed with other countries.

But the Japanese imperialists changed "C", the first letter of "Corea", into "K", prompted by their wicked contention that Korea (Corea??!!) should always come after Japan on the international arena as it was their colony.

So now we know that the wacky Kim Jong-Il isn't the only paranoid pea in the pod. Of course, we should have known that ever since this past summer's World Cup when their hysterical brothers down in South Korea did nutty things like light themselves on fire in some symbolic effort to become the 12th soccer player by becoming a "spirit".

Now, according to the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) more than 10,000 "citizens from all walks of life" gathered in the capital Pyongyang on Saturday to hear parliament vice-president Yang Hyong-sup and other officials denounce the United States, a fairly common activity these days in most of the Third World. The official rally "called on all the Koreans to turn out in the sacred anti-U.S. resistance to drive the U.S. imperialist aggressors out of South Korea and resolutely frustrate the nuclear racket of the U.S. aimed to bring clouds of war to hang over the Korean nation," KCNA said.

Imagine how much energy these people might have if they weren't all starving. Actually, in the fantasy world of North Korea, they aren't really starving, they are only on a mass Korean people "diet". According to the KCNA, it is the unshakable faith of the Korean people that Korean-style socialism is best as it guarantees dignity of an independent human being, and sound ideological and cultural life, harmonious life and equal material life are fully ensured, though their life is not yet affluent.

The only thing nuttier than this worker's paradise is the United Nations Security Council idea of threatening economic sanctions if North Korea if it does not abandon its effort to make nuclear weapons. Economic sanction? They don't even have food to eat. What is the United Nations Security Council planning on doing, taking away their dirt?

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