maandag, december 30, 2002

Home Made Al Qaeda Cells?

Getting the feeling of late that the Al Qaeda is everywhere? A diamond link with Africa, in the Phillipines, looking for nuclear bombs, etc., etc.

These reports have left many of us feeling as though the only place they haven't been spotted yet is popping up in the litterbox.

According to a report from Jihad Unspun however, not all of these Al Qaeda, "boogeyman under the bed" stories are necessarily legitimate. Jihad Unspun reports that the Mossad has been involved in an effort to create a phony Palestinian Al Qaeda cell for their own purposes.

Now, before any of you get the wise idea that you can start creating imaginary Al-Qaeda cells wherever you feel like it whenever the need for a scapegoat arises, you should know that the source of the Jihad Unspun article is the Executive Intelligence Review, a Lyndon LaRouche publication. LaRouche of course, is the same LaRouche who pointed to the "Zionist lobby," "Jewish gangsters," and "Christian Zionists" as forces that have sought to control U.S. policies towards Israel and have been "bought by money, the so-called Zionist money, and the mega crowd in New York." so his credibility is questionable at best but nevertheless, the question has been raised as to whether or not it will become fashionable to start up phony Al Qaeda cells whenever the need arises.

Think of them like sea monkeys, those miracles of nature created with a packet of "water purifier" and a packet of "instant life", reproduced anywhere, everywhere, all the time. And the next time you accidentally blow up your basement trying to manufacture crystal meth, if you can't find anyone else to blame, you can always blame Al Qaeda.

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