dinsdag, december 10, 2002

34,001 Jackasses as Public Transportation

In response to the pending transit strike, our resident halfwit Mayor Bloomberg pledged to ride a bicycle to work from his Upper East Side townhouse, one presumes, in what was supposed to be a pean to solidarity with the rest of us penurious peons who don't have a billion dollars to spend on alternate transportation. One hopes that on the scheduled onsest of the strike, December 15th, the day is not only the coldest in NYC history but also that he has the foresight and courage to paint a big bullseye on the back of his head so we don't have to look hard for the target of our launched projectiles.

While the lilliputian mayor has spent inordinate efforts and energies on his autocratic and draconian anti-smokling bill and has shunted aside the use of logic for polemics, on an issue of what he maintains is an "emergency" such as the transit strike, the best this dwarfish little pimp for ignorance can muster is the acknowledgement that "people are going to have to be as innovative as they possibly can."

Innovative? HELLooo...Isn't that what The Billionaire Buffoon was elected for? If it wasn't so harebrained, it'd almost be funny. Are these the same people Bloomberg believes are too witless to make their own decisions on whether or not they want to work or frequent a bar where people smoke? Now "they" are supposed to suddenly be smart enough to figure out how to get to work when the entire transportation system shuts down? I don't think Buffoonberg can have it both ways.

He says "This is an emergency. We will band together, and we will help each other." Be "innovative"? "Band together"? This is the solution? When this same union of avaricious freeloaders made similar threats in 1999, Mayor Giuliani didn't hide behind euphemistic woolgathering and delusional riposts. He crushed them like the libertine little cockroaches they were, making it clear that their failure to abide by his call for no strike would result in contempt fines being leveled against the union which would quickly bankrupt the union, and that was the end of the strike talk. They crawled back into their contemptible little holes and weren't heard from again until now.

I think instead of riding his bike to work, Bloomberg and all 34,000 members of the Transportation Workers Union should attach donkey ears to their heads and offer themselves as free jackass rides for all the legitimate workers who are stranded without transportation. Now that would be an "innovative" solution to the problem.

And speaking of the TWU, just what the hell are they thinking in seeking 24 percent in raises over three years while the city remains mired in an acute budget crisis and deficit of as much as $6 billion next year? Since their last failed strike effort, transit workers elected union reformers headed by Roger Toussaint, who argued that TWU 100 needed a more democratic and "militant" direction. Toussaint is typecast as a 44 year old Trinidadian hooligan who, among other things, demands reform of what transit workers call the MTA’s "plantation mentality" disciplinary system. Some plantation they're running. These wastrels earn an average wage of $44,000, so I think it's pretty clear what this Trinidadian Trashbag is all about.

So let them all bray on to their hearts' content. I for one, would love to see the Jackass Parade of 34,000 unemployed Transportation Union Workers along with Mayor Baffoonberg carrying the rest of us on their backs up and down Broadway during the duration of the winter months.

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