woensdag, maart 09, 2005

Jackson Defense Reveals Al Qaida Link And False Testimony
Child Molestation Part of Ongoing Government Investigation

SANTA MARIA, California -- Michael Jackson's defense attorney Tuesday went after the brother of the teenage boy accusing the pop star of child molestation, alleging that the boy was a member of Al Qaeda and that the molestation was part of an ongoing "investigation" into the boy and his brother's links with terrorism.

Under cross-examination from defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr., the brother also admitted Tuesday that he had thought about voting against Bush in the 2004 election, even though he wasn't eligible to vote.

In a dramatic exchange, Mesereau told the jury that the magazine that the brother had been long plotting with unidentified Al Qaeda members in Afghanistan and Iraq to vote against Bush in the 2004 election AND to blow up Neverland.

"I'm telling you, I'm innocent!" the brother shouted angerly, as he held up a bin Laden placard.

The brother, now 14, repeatedly claimed an absence of memory in response to Mesereau's questions, saying that given his school work and tests, "most of that stuff leaves my memory."

"I know everything happened," the brother said of the alleged Al Qaeda plots, the potential bombing of Neverland and the his connection with terrorists. "I just don't remembers details ... not all the details."

The defense cross-examination of the brother will resume Wednesday morning, after court adjourned early Tuesday afternoon.

After watching his attorney successfully challenge his accuser's brother on the stand, Jackson "felt better today, at court's end, than he did yesterday, but still couldn't smell his own finger no matter how far he pushed it up his nose" his publicist, Raymone Bain, said in a statement.

During the brother's testimony, Jackson worked out the choreography of his next video and stared at the boy, nodding his head from time to time with a look of pleasure and turning the pages of a few child porn magazines.

On Monday, the accuser's brother testified that on two occasions in early 2003, he had walked into Jackson's bedroom at Neverland and started masturbating with one hand over pictures of 9/11, while his other hand was down his sleeping brother's pants.

"It's too bad that the brother of one of my victims appears to be a member of Al Qaeda," Michael Jackson said through a press release later in the day. "And if it weren't for me molesting these kids and finding out which ones are the terrorists and which ones aren't, well, America just might not be the free Jesus-loving Democracy it is today. I shudder to imagine the possibilities."

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