vrijdag, maart 04, 2005

Blog Sweep

Considering the hottest topic of late appears to be self-bashing reconcilliation from the world's amazed population as in: "gee, maybe it WAS a good idea to destroy Iraq and kill 100,000 civilians - just LOOK at all the wonderful Democracy sprouting up like weeds in a Middle East hothouse!", I thought it might be fun to ignore the new for awhile and get back to a very abbreviated version of da Roots:

Dylanland via Far Afield:

"Wait, who's that near the exit? Woody Guthrie stretched out on a hospital gurney. A legend and he's still alive. And where is he? New York! Things are coming together.

Give your ticket to the nurse at the door, who escorts you to the side of the master's bed. He's in pretty bad shape, but still a gentle soul with time for a fan. "The tune isn't important," he tells you. "Take anything and make a few changes and you've got a new song. It's the words that matter." Stealing isn't looked down upon in folk music. Hell, it's an honored tradition. Look at Ramblin' Jack Elliott. By all rights he should be famous. If he wrote better lyrics he probably would be. You've got his voice and a way with words. You can do this."


Nuke Syria:

via Empire Notes and The Carpetbagger Report:

Now we know where Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas) thinks the weapons of mass destruction are buried: in Syria, which he said he'd like to nuke to smithereens.

Speaking at a veterans' celebration at Suncreek United Methodist Church in Allen, Texas, on Feb. 19, Johnson told the crowd that he explained his theory to President Bush and Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas) on the porch of the White House one night.

Johnson said he told the president that night, "Syria is the problem. Syria is where those weapons of mass destruction are, in my view. You know, I can fly an F-15, put two nukes on 'em and I'll make one pass. We won't have to worry about Syria anymore."

The crowd roared with applause

Gawd, how I love it when Texans talk tough. Apparently for some, this new Domino Democracy Theory isn't happening fast enough. Nuke 'em Horns!


Disney Is For Drunkards

Or so noted by Modern Drunkard Magazine, a cerebral take on drinking in kiddy parks. via growabrain


And Now For Something Completely Serious

take the World Book Day Quiz and discover how little you might remember of what you've read. via Maud Newton who also provides a link for Defining Bullshit.


Blogging Commish

It might be hard to believe without the introduction of stringent time-management skills but even EU Commissioner Margot Wallström has time to blog these days, albeit, not much time, judging by the entries. Judging by the comments, many people taking the time to comment have less than sympathetic views about the EU and its bloggers.
linked via Euophobia.

It also got me to wondering why American President Jesus Bush doesn't have his own blog. After all, how hard can it be to write down and misspell a few monosyllabic slogans whilst rupturing the English language or to capture a little impropmptu snickering?

There IS a BushBlog but unfortunately, the Great President is too busy making the world safe for Jesus to bother adding his own entries.

Other people, like David Corn's Bush Lies, are more than happy to do it for him,


Oops, back on track again. Must be time for more of Get Your War On:

"In ten years, when Iran and Iraq have merged to form the new nation of Islamospooky, Paul Wolfowitz will slap his forehead so hard his brains will fly out the back."

Brains? I always thought it was just a junkyard collection of misfiring synapses...

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