dinsdag, maart 22, 2005

America: Full of Holes
Dithering Congress Wrong on All Counts, More Die

Oh, the sweet irony.

Was it just last week that America's Congress was underscoring its own uselessness and flair for wasting tax dollars with its rubber pitbull impression of an "investigation" of baseball's steroid policy? And get this, they did it because they were concerned that a few teens on steroids had committed suicide.

Then this weekend, in a fit of misguided Christian Fundamentalism, they rush President Jesus Bush from his extended Easter holidays to sign their new bill into law all in order to "save the life" of ONE vegetative, brain-damaged woman.

And for what?

So they can stand with their collective thumbs up their collective arses on gun control after yet another American teen goes on a shooting rampage at school.

Where are the special legislative sessions and new bills passed now?

Where is President Jesus Bush's magical pen to pass new bills into law on gun control?

Nowhere of course because Americans love their guns and they want to keep dirty little secrets like gun control laws, silent.

So here's to America, a big cuppa hypocrisy and getting every shooting rampage death they deserve.

Now the only question is where √úberjackass, Charlton Heston when it comes time to self-righteously pontificate on the utility of Americans love for guns and killing?

And let's hear it for President Jesus Bush and Congress.

One brain-damaged life saved, 10 more healthy Americans killed.

Well done.

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