zaterdag, april 24, 2004

Eli Manning A Giant, Never A Hero

For those of you new to the arena of football players as martyrs and heroes, Eli Manning and his family requested that the Chargers not select the Mississippi quarterback, but San Diego made him the No. 1 overall pick. An hour later, after the Giants chose North Carolina State's Rivers, the deal was announced: Chargers trade Manning to Giants.

Ok, Eli Manning is now a Giant but until he proves what a swell guy he is and gives up his trillion dollar salary and runs over to Afghanistan to get killed like, oh, let's say Pat Tillman, he'll never be a "hero".

Now that I think of it, this is a great marketing ploy. Why doesn't everyone in the NFL renounce their salaries, and rush over to Afghanistan and Iraq to get killed so they can be heroes too?

They can call it the National Heroes League

That way, all the regular sort of schmucks who might end up getting killed fighting the Bush Wars but who die anonymously, not big shot heroes just because they used to play American football, can all go home and let the real heroes fight the war. Go team.

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