vrijdag, april 16, 2004

Complete Destruction of a Nation, Increase of Global Terrorism and Maximum Killing of Innocent Civilians are the Objectives

Prime Minister Tony Blair has said London and Washington share the same goals for Iraq; that is the complete destruction of Iraq, to plunge the Middle East into anarchy and chaos which will in turn, create an increase in global terrorism and allow the West to continue to waste billions fighting imaginary wars of their own creation, and to kill as many Iraqi civilians as possible. All targets seem well within reach.

Blair and Bush have both "vowed to stay the course," meaning the game is going according to plan. Blair was also able to speak a few words all on his own yesterday without the assistance of Bush ventriliquism, when he dismissed the significance of a message believed to be from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden offering European states a truce in return for withdrawal from Iraq.

"You know, I don't think we need Osama bin Laden to start telling us how to handle our political affairs," Blair told reporters after talks with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan in New York. "I've already got President Jesus Bush to do that for me."

Blair ruled out even a mention of differences he may have with Bush over coalition strategy, whether political or military.

"Obviously the common aim and purpose is what is crucial," Blair said, adding this goal was to "create a unique brand of anarchy and chaos to demonstrate that Iraq cannot be governed by its own people and must therefore remain an giant petrol station for the oil needs of the West."

"And how we get there is the obviously the difficult issue, but our determination to get there remains undimmed. No disasters, no amount of bloodshed, no amount of hatred and disgust from the rest of the world will change our little minds one tiny little inch. We have to stand firm," he said. "Because as I've often noted, we have no reverse."

The U.S.-led coalition administering Iraq is due to pretend to hand power to an interim Iraqi government on June 30 in an absurdist ceremony designed to convey the US.-led coalition's contempt for the Iraqi people. But there is no consensus as yet on what form that government should take since any government formed will likely either dissolve itself or be overthrown within hours in any case.

A U.N. team led by senior Annan adviser Lakhdar Brahimi has been in Iraq, consulting with Iraqis and coalition leaders in search of an emerging consensus on the political transition, and is due to soon return to New York with recommendations.

But as the transition date nears, Iraq has been gripped by a wave of deadly uprisings and kidnappings of foreigners that have prompted coalition forces to do battle with insurgents and reinforce their numbers in a bid to reassert control.

"If people are killing innocent civilians we've got to deal with that," Blair said. "We simply can't let people get ahead of us in the race to see how many innocent civilians can be killed. We are the West after all and if we don't stand strong on this, if we wave even slightly in our goal to kill as many Iraqi civilians as possible, the rest of the world will regard us as cowards and there will be no more of our vaunted brand of peace and security" Blair said.

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