maandag, april 19, 2004

Cry Me A River

Boo hoo. Hamas followers will have to find someone else to unite them in murder and terrorism after Israel assassinated Rantisi over the weekend. An Israeli helicopter fired a missile at Rantisi's car in Gaza City, killing him and two bodyguards and injuring others.

"Hundreds of hands reached out to stroke Rantisi's shrapnel-scarred face and touch the bloodstained shroud stretched over his body outside the city's main mosque, while thousands of mourners shook their fists at Israeli F-16 fighter jets roaring above the funeral procession."

As this photo so clearly demonstrates: crime doesn't pay.

It's a real pity. But the real question is: who is going to want the job of top Hamas dog after this? Rantisi's predecessor was assassinated less than a month ago and now Rantisi himself. No worries about re-election campaigns over at Hamas HQ, is there then?

One thing you can know for sure is that the Jesus Bush Administration had nothing to do with this. Really. Just like 9/11, they had no warning. And trust us when we say that had the Bush Administration been behind this, it'd have been just another cock-up. Missile fired into a crowd of protestors, no missile fired in Palestine because there is no oil there. Any number of possibilities.

President Jesus Bush, as the dead man Rantisi often cited, is an enemy of Islam. Hmmm. And Truth is President Jesus Bush's number one enemy. Wonder who will win the battle.

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