vrijdag, november 22, 2002

Welcome To Nigeria: Another Muslim Madness Hotspot

The Nigerian newspaper The Guardian reports that a 24-hour curfew was yesterday imposed on Kaduna State following violence by Muslims who are protesting the hosting of the Miss World beauty contest in Nigeria and the alleged blasphemy of Prophet Mohammed by a national newspaper.

What kind of violence? At least, 15 people were reportedly killed in the pandemonium which led to the setting ablaze of four churches and destruction of property worth billions of naira.

Why was the hosting of a seemingly innocent Miss World beauty contest being protested against so violently? After all, according to the Miss World Organisation, they have raised over £150 million for Children's charities throughout the world. Among the recipients are the Nelson Mandela Trust and Variety Clubs International all this through the theme of 'Beauty With a Purpose' started by Julia Morley over 25 years ago. Sounds pretty innocent, ok, maybe a little exploitative, but after all, these are hot chicks and they're helping to raise money...But Noooooo! Not in Mr. Maddened and Infuriated Muslim's world! Apparently, a "great editorial error" in a column in the opinion page of the Nigerian This Day newspaper sparked a riotous outburst because it dared to suggest that the Prophet Mohammed would have probably chosen to marry one of the Miss World contestants if he had witnessed the beauty pageant. Oh that's right, all the hot virgins are up there panting for you in the afterlife, not here. How else do you keep all the armchair jihadists from becoming oversexed and complacent? And lest you forget, Nigeria is also the same wonderland where a woman has been sentenced to death by stoning for a shady conviction of adultery. Get your tickets now ladies and gentlemen, the Fun Land Express to Nigeria is almost sold out!

Anyway, This Day, those psychopaths who had the nerve to speculate as to Mohammed's desires for beauty pageant lovelies, had to print a groveling apology today to try and calm all these crazy bastards down.

What I want to know is what genius came up with the plan to hold the Miss World Beauty Pageant in a country so filled with hate and intolerance? Was the convention center in Riyadh booked up? Maybe next year, they can make Hijaabs a mandatory competition among the contestants, everyone can prance around in gloves and eye veils and we'll leave the final vote up to Mohammed.

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