dinsdag, november 12, 2002


Just when you thought it was safe to read again, along comes the Jesus Party of lovely Lewiston, Maine to host the anti-Harry Potter Conference this coming Thursday at 7 pm. The conference will conclude with the cutting up of the “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” book. Last November, trying desperately to prove that scissors cut paper, this same group of Jesus Freaks held a similar "book-cutting party" apparently because the geniuses at the Fire Department decided that book burning was a fire hazard and refused to allow them a (book burning?) permit.

Frighteningly, Lewiston, Maine claims on its web site that it is "Setting the Pace Now and For the Future". The web site goes on further to croon about Lewiston's "dynamic visionary leaders". Hmmm. Looks like I didn't take the results of the 2002 elections seriously enough...

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