dinsdag, november 12, 2002

Star Date: Japan

"I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't win with this team,"
Art Howe

The Americans took another one on the chin yesterday by getting dumped for the third straight time by the Japanese All-Stars, 8-6. What this means to those of you new to the US vs. Them All Star Series is that if they lose this Thursday for a 4th consecutive time, this seven game series is OVAH. Perhaps this doesn’t rank up there with the latest news of the World Dart Championships or the World Equestrian Games, but hey, this is supposed to be America’s Sport, and we’re getting our asses waxed!

Never mind whatever ominous portent this is for Mets fans everywhere, that their new manager joked that he could be fired by spring training if his MLB team continues its dismal showing there. One continues to be mystified as to how a team that boasts a 3-4-5 line up of Bernie Williams, Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi could have mustered only 12 runs in 3 games against what in most cases, could only generously be considered Minor League pitching. And sure, Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, Pedro and Zito, et al. have not pitched an inning, but how does a MLB pitching staff give up 24 runs to the Japanese All Stars in three games? This is CRAZY. The only Japanese guy playing who can’t hitting his weight is Ichiro Suzuki (1 for 12 in the Series so far) and he’s playing for the Americans!

I keep wondering about Art Howe. How is Howe handling loss after demoralizing loss? Is this something he is trying to get used to as manager of the Mets? Just think of the field days the tabloids are going to have with this guy next season at this rate: Howe Many More Losses Must We Withstand? Howe Did This Clown Become A Met? Howe Bad Can It Get?, Howe Much Longer For A Win?, etc. If this is what the guy does managing a team of All Stars I shudder to think what it’s going to be like when he gets stuck managing the likes of rim-jobs like Roger "My Ego Hurts" Cedeno, “Feed Me” Mo Vaughn, Jeremy Burnitz and Rachel OrdoƱez.

The US pitchers have been complaining about the softness and slope of the mounds in each of the Japanese domed stadiums and the entire team has been bleary-eyed because of the travel schedule. They also complained that their underwear is too tight, the sea water gets in their eyes, the sushi is too raw and well, the Shinjuku just ain’t what it used to be.

Most likely, the only thing the Japanese players have been complaining about so far is the distinct lack of decent competition.

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