maandag, november 18, 2002


Earlier this afternoon, happily settled in with a book by Stratis Myrivilis entitled "Life In The Tomb", in from the Tolstoy cold of Union Square, poised over a hot pastrami sandwich and just beginning to warm up, I took my first bite, thoughtfully chewing the pastrami, when this passage catches my eye, bite by bite, word by word:

"...This was the moment when Sergeant Kostoulas happened to leap into the trench. We found him burned to death, his face completely devoured by flames, the entire front portion of his head a black and red mutilation recognizable only by three white marks engraved upon it -- a row of teeth between tightly-clenched jaws entirely stripped of flesh, and two globular eyeballs puffed out like a pair ivory billiard balls..."

Hmm. Tomorrow, I think I'll have the Suimono.

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