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It isn't often that I'd stoop to referring to a crisps promotion or better still, referring to a newspaper article about crisps promotion but I have to admit to having wondered myself whilst wandering the aisles of ASDA, counting pound bargains and benefits-slurping pikeys, seeing these allegedly bold new flavours sitting out there like tantalising new whores on an red light district street block. Brooker's summary of the oddest of the new flavours, Cajun Squirrel, is all you need to know:

"Self-consciously "wacky" and attention-grabbing entry. Walkers are keen to point out that "no squirrels were harmed in the making of this crisp", which is a pity because I had chucklesome visions of thousands of live, screaming squirrels being bulldozered into an immense bubbling cauldron in front of a party of horrified schoolchildren. The flavour itself is truly vile: if they'd called it Squirrel's Blood, everyone would've believed them. They taste precisely like a tiny cat piping hot farts through a pot-pourri pouch into your mouth."


Good luck, lads. You're gonna need it

Taking on the Hollywood entertainment industry is no small feat, even for the four standing accused of piracy.

“This trial is about ideology and politics and you can draw parallels about this case to the past. When the printing press was invented in the 16th century the French establishment wanted it banned because they feared they wouldn’t be able to control the masses, but they couldn’t stop it. When libraries were launched in the UK the 19th century the establishment claimed that no more books would ever be written as a result because authors would never be able to survive if people read books for free. Clearly this is not the case,” said Rick Falkvinge, the leader of the ‘Pirate Party’, a Swedish political party formed as a result of the growing concern amongst the file sharing community that their civil liberties were being clamped down on as a result of the entertainment industry’s powerful lobby.

apparently, the trial can be watched live here (or, in the past, depending on when you watch it...

I don't give a fart about the bloated pigs running Hollywood and what they might stand to lose. The frightening thing perhaps, if you've ever encountered any of these pirate sites, is that the quality of most of the movies which are being pirated are just shit. Try and find a good foreign film, artistic direction or a good low budget film that won't ever have a chance in hell of being shown in one of those massive, mind-numbing cineplex shit factories on one of these sites. It ent easy. The big blockbusters, the rubbish bins of the film industry, are the usual lot available. It's sad that what's allegedly being stolen is money when really all they're doing is making rubbish movies free, which is about what the product is worth to begin with.

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