dinsdag, februari 10, 2009

Honesty For a Change?

Four senior bankers were grilled by the Treasury select committee revealing their incompetence and lack of qualifications.

One wonders how they were ever in the positions they were in to begin with...

Sir Tom McKillop, the former chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland and Sir Fred Goodwin, RBS's former chief executive, and Andy Hornby and Lord Stevenson, respectively the former chief executive and chairman of HBOS admitted:

•They did not have any formal banking qualifications.

• Hornby was still being paid £60,000 a month to work as a consultant for HBOS.

• McKillop did not fully understand some of the complex financial instruments his bank was using.

Shouldn't this hearing/meeting have come in front of the gallows or guillotine?

Profound and unqualified apologies.

Big fucking deal. How about handing back all that ill-gotten gain and a dozen pints of blood to go with it?

The funny thing is all this rubbish about bonuses and absurdist salaries being required to attract qualified staff and yet all those bonuses and absurdist salaries attracted scum. Well paid, unqualified scum. So should anyone bother listening to anything they are saying?


Part of the series: Down the Yangtze River
Picture: KEVIN LEE


And, given the snow and images in the UK over the last week or so, how about a little snowman and a Highland cow?

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