donderdag, februari 19, 2009


Is it "true" madness? (ps - grazie, trutv

Substitute Un café for une bière, deux biè voila! You've got anti social behaviour:


Although it wasn't the winner of the 2008 World Press photo this certainly gets my vote:



Ok, one's a mountain gorilla, one's a chimp, but to keep the imagery running in a tokenly similar vein, have you had a gander at the latest cartoon of controversy with thinly veiled undertones of racist commentary? If one could surmise that the comparison of Obama with a rabid chimp is being made here (and wow, I'd like to hear the explanation of Delonas or the New York Post explaining how it isn't) one wonders at the notion that so long as one is lampooning between the lines, the killing of the President in lieu of a cartoon depicting Muhammad, cartoonists can pretty much do get away with whatever they want. Whilst recognising the "Arab Street" isn't going to get involved in the outrage of this particular cartoon, which street is it on the protest map?


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