dinsdag, januari 27, 2004

Bits N Bobs

Now that its Colder in NYC than in Iceland I wonder how that Legislated Morality Twit's no smoking in public places plan is working out. I feel sorry for those poor bastids smoking their cigarettes that must freeze to their lips outside while their self-righteous non-smoking brethren are inside nice and toasty warm.


On the other end of the spectrum, some might say, is the motto: "prolong your pleasure at home." being promoted by Daniel Karrenbauer, the owner of Chez Paul in Paris, in response to the French government's crackdown on unsafe driving.


"I'm starting to think the two noblest words in the English language are "Fuck NASA". Seriously, why are we still going into space? To find out if broccoli can grow upside-down in zero gravity? WHO FUCKIN' CARES? EVERYONE IN AFRICA IS DYING OF AIDS, FOR GOD'S SAKE! I don't give a fuck whether albino snails can have sex in a fucking space shuttle! You need to shut down Cape Canaveral and FIX EARTH, GODDAMNIT!" Christ, I love Get Your War On.


Since John Kerry is such a poetry-writing, motorcycle hooligan stud aristocrap in his hockey gear, why didn't he suggest going over to Iraq and hip check Saddam into the past tense? I'll bet the drooling monkees over at Jesus Bush, Inc are mad as hell they couldn't get the toothless expat Canadian vote to swoon like that themselves.


No wonder no one wants to vote for this jerk-off. Look at Joe "Isadore" Lieberman's profile: Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow? My favourite book is the Bible? What kind of freak is this guy?

Joseph Lieberman

Born: Joseph Isadore Lieberman, Feb. 24, 1942.
Hometown: Stamford, Conn.
Parents: Henry, who drove a bakery delivery truck and owned a liquor store; and Marcia, a stay-at-home mother of three.
Religion: Orthodox Jewish.
Family: Wife, Hadassah; Children, Rebecca and Matt (from first marriage), Hana (from second marriage), and stepson Ethan. Three granddaughters.
Education: BA, Yale University, 1964; JD, Yale Law School, 1967.
Previous occupation: Attorney.
Military history: None. Obtained student deferments during Vietnam.
Political hero: President John F. Kennedy.
Favorite book: The Bible.
Favorite songs: "Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow," by Fleetwood Mac; "My Way," by Frank Sinatra.
Favorite phrase: "I know that I can beat George W. Bush in 2004. Why? Because Al Gore and I already did it."

Favourite phrase SHOULD be: I'm a loser, get me out of here!


The US is Now in the Hands of a Group of Extremists -- George Soros says "Fundamentalism has Spawned an Ideology of American Supremacy" -- gee, thanks George for letting us in on that "secret" -- we couldn't have figured it out without your wisdom. Now why don't you spend your ill-begotten BILLIONS of dollars of wealth on building an army to overthrow them, you naive bastard?


More Slop For the War Pigs Trough

"In this new age of empire, when nothing is as it appears to be, executives of concerned companies are allowed to influence foreign policy decisions. The Center for Public Integrity in Washington found that at least nine out of the thirty members of the Bush Administration's Defense Policy Board were connected to companies that were awarded military contracts for $76 billion between 2001 and 2002. George Shultz, former Secretary of State, was chairman of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. He is also on the board of directors of the Bechtel Group. When asked about a conflict of interest in the case of war in Iraq he said, "I don't know that Bechtel would particularly benefit from it. But if there's work to be done, Bechtel is the type of company that could do it. But nobody looks at it as something you benefit from." In April 2003, Bechtel signed a $680 million contract for reconstruction."

--Arundhati Roy on The New American Century.


Tony Blair's Last Minute Whine

While Mr T Blair wound up his last minute begging and pleading (on his knees, as PM Blair is most familiar having served President Jesus Bush so often in this position), the Independent was busy summarizing thusly:

A defeat for Tony Blair today would represent a devastating and possibly terminal blow to the Prime Minister's personal authority on the eve of one of the most difficult occasions of his premiership.

If the rebels carry the day and throw out the Higher Education Bill, it will be only the fourth time in more than a century that a Prime Minister has lost a Bill at the first stage of its long passage through the House of Commons.

The last time MPs voted down the second reading of a Bill, traditionally the stage when the Commons gives its agreement on broad principles, was on 14 April 1986, when Mrs Thatcher's Shops Bill was sunk.

Really now, think about it. These imfamous top-up fees without which England's educational system is doomed to peril and without which England will likely sink into the morass of the Third World, according to most of its hysterical adherents, would scarsely amount to more than 1 billion pounds sterling in added funds.

Now here's the funny thing: the reward for playing poodle to President Jesus Bush's Neocon Variety Show of Bombing and Killing in Iraq, is going to end up costing in the neighborhood of 7 billion pounds!!! --

So why the feck should anyone be willing to shell out more quid for these hysterical fuck ups who've already cost the UK 7 billion quid getting it wrong? The track record of the evil Blair regime is almost as big a cock up as his hero on the otherside of the Atlantic, President Jesus Bush, who must somehow squelch the largest deficit in the history of America.

Good luck to both of you cunts, you'll need it, and, as we said earlier, la-dee-da, humming to ourselves with salivating anticipation, you're time is almost up.

For our next course, we will be serving The Hutton Inquiry in just a little over 28 hours.

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