dinsdag, juni 24, 2003

State Department Clothing

For Americans traveling overseas this summer, what might be an invaluable article of clothing is the American Apology Shirt which says "I'm sorry my president's an idiot. I didn't vote for him." in the six official UN languages. (via Bloggerheads)

Speaking of the Idiot-In-Chief, he was in town yesterday to "compassionately and conservatively" exploit the tragedy of 9/11 to stuff his campaign coffers in a fund-raiser that raked in $4 million. No surprise to note that the crowd who came to see him was predominantly white, and predominantly corporate Wall Street whores like Richard S. Fuld of Lehman Brothers and Joseph J. Grano Jr. of USB-PaineWebber and their squealing squadron of CEOs, lobbyists and other wealthy Republican sycophants who stand to benefit most from another four years of economic rape the Bush Administration lusts after. Ironically, while Bush raises money to fund his campaign, the federal government has still failed to deliver on $20 billion in promised aid after the World Trade Center bombing, even as the financially strapped city is closing firehouses.

As Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry noted recently, "We shouldn't be opening firehouses in Baghdad and closing them in New York City." Duh. We "shouldn't" be doing alot of things, like slaughtering innocent Iraqi civilians and sending witless American troops to die in an Iraqi quagmire just so the Bush Administration can further enrich itself with the blood of humanity. But hey, there's reality and then there's Bush Reality.

Bush opened his address yesterday by saying that "We have captured or killed many key leaders of al-Qaida, and the rest of them know we're hot on their trail."

Hot on their trail? It's been almost two years since Bush said he wanted Osama Dead or Alive and still no sign of Osama. How is this "hot on the trail"? In the same way they are hot on the trail of Saddam Hussein? Whew. What an astounding track record of success. Combined with his failure to find any of those WMDs in Iraq that were supposed to vaporize America any minute, Bush Is Oh For Three on his big promises. With that kind of success, I'm sure America is safer from terror because of George Bush. Hey! Let's give him all the money he wants! Whoooeeee! God Bless America!

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