donderdag, mei 15, 2003

Spinning The Globe

To relieve the gnawing nausea, ennui and procrastination of the day's events, Desultory Turgescence took the liberty of going through hours of other peoples' blogs at random, trying to find interesting antics and new links:

Canned rattlesnake or canned alligator tonight? Check out the Potted Meat Museum via Fat Buddha.

Kitties in pint glasses via Beer Is For Winners.

Hungry? How about a little infected toe for dinner tonight? via the Wound Gallery.

Ever wonder which Beatles Song you are? via Master of The House.

Hot photos behind the secret love affair between Bush and Blair and the flag via bloggerheads and New Word Order.

Well, it looks like I'm an Atheist. At least according to the Which Enemy of the Christian Faith Are You? test. via i am a donut.

Wondering about the world ending? Here are 20 Ways The World Could End. Personally, I vote for #17, Mass Insanity

"While physical health has improved in most parts of the world over the past century, mental health is getting worse. The World Health Organization estimates that 500 million people around the world suffer from a psychological disorder. By 2020, depression will likely be the second leading cause of death and lost productivity, right behind cardiovascular disease. Increasing human life spans may actually intensify the problem, because people have more years to experience the loneliness and infirmity of old age. Americans over 65 already are disproportionately likely to commit suicide. Gregory Stock, a biophysicist at the University of California at Los Angeles, believes medical science will soon allow people to live to be 200 or older. If such an extended life span becomes common, it will pose unfathomable social and psychological challenges. Perhaps 200 years of accumulated sensations will overload the human brain, leading to a new kind of insanity or fostering the spread of doomsday cults, determined to reclaim life's endpoint. Perhaps the current trends of depression and suicide among the elderly will continue. One possible solution— promoting a certain kind of mental well-being with psychoactive drugs such as Prozac— heads into uncharted waters. Researchers have no good data on the long-term effects of taking these medicines."
via Incoming Signals.

Finally, a 404 page for that file "committing suicide because it has been shamed and Allah will roast its stomach in hell.", via 3 Bruces also leading to Rob's Amazing Poetry Generator which turned Desultory Turgesence content into a poem:

Desultory claim not discuss
Carlyle Group, is writhing in a weapon
against our fiscal crisis. And profitable
businesses, which spreads deterioration of celebrating
a story reads: One
used it
want and a very
valid reasons why the Daffy Busy
War only slightly less
dramatic than Saddam? actually. involved
in Congress. Republican Gov. Rick
Perry called on Spuistraat or
elevated risk, of perfume and
passes by
many of Imperatives which is seeking
from the creationists reading Perfume, bottles shaped
like the
Shadows Of values
and get their fingers into 6.

and turned the White House website into this poem:

Welcome to dream big, to
the institutions and to a
better future. I want to
pray bold, and Growth plan on
Wednesday discussed strengthening the White House
Take a better
future. I want to places around the
period for your
abiding hope, for Economic
Security Homeland
Security Iraqi
people build the transcript. Envoy he
will appear on
Ask the White
House this Thursday Our country is proud
of over 90% during the cause
of appeals court nominees
were confirmed
compared to work
hard for
your steadfast faith,
and the
name Nueva Esperanza New
Hope. for your Government |
Appointments | Contact | Text only 53% of
all the cause
of over 90% during
President First Lady | Mrs.

I knew it wouldn't be long coming: The Deck of Republican Chickenhawks. And look who's the Joker. Via blogdex.

A great Dr. Seuss tribute Would You Like To Bomb Iran? from The Best Page in the Universe, a fine discovery this afternoon which included pieces that me gag with pleasure like For Every Animal You Don't Eat, I'm Going To Eat Three and asks the important questions like Who Would Make A Better President, Bush Or A Box of Tic-Tacs?

What does it mean when The Positive Blog hasn't written anything in a week?

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