vrijdag, augustus 26, 2005

Dirt Cheap: Poem For Free:

The Argument For Love

you get wet.
you get a boner.
you fuck,
you blow,
you reverse and go forward at once,
you sit back sweaty
and wonder who the fuck is sitting next to you.


we love heartbreak.

we break each others' hearts, chipping
away at that sculpture of the perfect

we love to argue.

we like throwing things against the wall
to emphasise our points.
we revel in dressing up wrong
to look like right, like they were twins
you could accidentally mix up.


I love you, I love you not.

I am not steady on my feet.

Your day is not mine and mine
is not yours.
(look, that blip there, that's me...)
are only about couples
when there's a common enemy.


They sing songs into each others' mouths.

They touch each other knowingly,
they fuck like yesterday were tomorrow,
they sing to themselves but think
of the other.
They feel better, they live longer,
they die happier, they might even
have kids.

They will fast-forward their lives
later because that's how it happens:
one minute here, twenty years
later it's the feet that are killing you.


She waits,
because I will arrive.
I arrive because she waits.

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