maandag, november 01, 2004


I would like to draw your attention to an article I wrote back in auld days when a pretty little cross-eyed and buck-toothed bird called Ms Rice was urging us to support the invasion of Iraq and at the same time urging Saddam to realise the jig was up, urged us simultaneously realise that Time Is Running Out.

And time is running out.

You Americans have the fate of the world on your shoulders.

The papers in England are filled with your election, afraid no doubt, that England's chippy twerp might have to switch laps from Bush to Kerry, might have to take his poodle act somewhere else where people still believe in 45 minute myths and the dimensions of the word "evil".

I am listening to a Belgian radio station as I type this. Radio Brussels. Once an hour, they have the news and the news, even in Brussels, is the election in America.

So time is running out on our faith.


Not even the great minds of Desultory Turgescence can come up with a winner in this one. But we bet that the winner will not be the American people.

We've read many articles over the last three and a half years about Bush and his Administration. The question for Americans to ask themselves is whether they prefer to be conservative as a nation or open as a nation.

We hope against logic that the election's results won't in more litigation, more abortions of the electoral process, more lack of sense.


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