maandag, juni 21, 2004


30 years of hegemony defeated as Portugal eliminates archrivals, Spain, 1-0 to advance to the Euro 2004 Quarterfinals.

(Sorry - it is difficult to discern whether there is a true dearth of legitimate "news", if the reruns of the same old "news"; ie, terorrism, Bush, 9/11, EU backroom politics, etc, are just too boring to contemplate OR if all such trivialities and work of others pale in comparison to the only events of interest these days in the world -

EURO 2004.

So yes, enough depressing information. Allow the depression and anxiety to creep forward in the form of eleven men running around in shorts kicking a ball around a pitch. Tonight, England have at it again, this time against the Croatians.

And thus, Desultory Turgescence jumps OFF the bandwagon of international news, the symantical, cryptic bullshit of politicos and partisanship, and officially joins the parade of misinformed, disinterested, futbalisticos.

Besides kids, it's summer for crissakes. Let's have a break!

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