woensdag, maart 24, 2004

Kill The Messenger

"Nothing is more revolting than the majority; for it
consists of few vigorous predecessors, of knaves who
accomodate themselves, of weak people who assimilate
themselves, & the mass that toddles after them without
knowing the least what it wants."


Ho hum. Another Jesus Bush critic, another quick character assasination. Kill the Messenger. Fuck the Good of the People in the name of the Almighty Power and Glory of President Jesus Bush and his Ass Monkeys guiding the growing debacle of the Invasion, the War on Terror, the Economy and jeeez, just about everything else there is to cock up out there.

Interesting allegations in Krugman's NYT piece, Lifting the Shroud which notes:

"Did the Bush administration ignore terrorism warnings before 9/11? Justice Department documents obtained by the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, show that it did. Not only did John Ashcroft completely drop terrorism as a priority it wasn't even mentioned in his list of seven "strategic goals" just one day before 9/11 he proposed a reduction in counterterrorism funds."

Bush Admininstration, Tops in Character Assasinations: "On "60 Minutes" on Sunday, Mr. Clarke said the previously unsayable: that Mr. Bush, the self-proclaimed "war president," had "done a terrible job on the war against terrorism." After a few hours of shocked silence, the character assassination began. He "may have had a grudge to bear since he probably wanted a more prominent position," declared Dick Cheney, who also says that Mr. Clarke was "out of the loop." (What loop? Before 9/11, Mr. Clarke was the administration's top official on counterterrorism.) Guess that means the power troika of Prick Cheney, Paul Wolfashit and The Donald of Death, Scumsfeld is "in" the loop and the rest of the planet is "out" of the loop.

Further, you have other Democrats suddenly coming out of the woodwork after all these post-9/11 years cowering and pissing themselves every time President Jesus Bush uttered a thought on terrorism:

"We are seeing abuses of power that cannot be tolerated. The president needs to put a stop to it right now. We need to get to the truth and the president needs to help us do that," Hey! Look what coward suddenly found his voice! Why it's Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota. Is this the Tom Daschle, the same Spineless Daschle Pasty

Everyone's very brave now that there's a bandwagon to jump on. Had these cowardly little lions voiced this kind of abuse prior to the invasion, none of this mess would be upon us now. Had these quivering mouths of injustice raised their squeaking mouse voices when it mattered, weasels like Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz would never have had the power to destroy the world as they now have.


Hey, I know like the Democrats that Mewled, I'm a little late on this, but McSorley's, the lovely little pub just donw the road from my old haunts in NYC, has had a celebration. It's all good but just remember, you can't smoke in NYC so where's the fucking party?


Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, was in America last week, where he apparently made the rounds in the squawking world of the cable talk shows. On MSNBC's "Hardball" with Chris Matthews, a show that tries its damndest to say absolutely nothing but to say it very shrill, the Archbishop scored the trifecta of denouncing not only the liberation of Iraq but the liberation of Afghanistan, and he espoused a theory as to what motivates the terrorists of al Qaeda:

Tutu: "It is quite crucial for us to want to look at what are the root causes that enable or make people be ready to engage in desperate acts."

Matthews: What do you think they are?

Tutu: Well, I believe myself that there's no way in which we are likely to win the war against terrorism, as long as you've got conditions of poverty, of disease, of ignorance that can make people so desperate that they believe the only options they have are to engage in acts of that kind.

(Wow, imagine that. Someone applying logic to the War on Terrorism.)

Matthews: But the people who struck us on September 11 were people who were reasonably well educated. They were technical people. Maybe they didn't have Ph.D.s, but they had educations that would have allowed them to make a living quite well in the Western world.

Can't resist: idiotic reasoning that bin Laden is rich thus, having millions of people wallowing in their own filth and squalor leading hopeless lives with nothing to live for who are actually the sort of people blowing themselves up in the name of Jihad, has nothing to do with the war on terrorism? No WONDER the monkeys in America can't win the war...

Tutu: Now, the point is, if precisely people of that sort who look at the inequities of the international economic order--I mean, to think just now that you say to the developing world, in order for you to make it, produce more. So you sell. And they do produce more.

But then the developed world has massive, massive agricultural subsidies that ensure that farmers in those rich countries can produce their stuff cheaply. And there are high tariffs that prevent the developing country from being able to sell their goods. And so you say, these guys are playing a game and they make the rules for the game and they are the referees in this games. It is so lopsided that anyone seeking to be a normal person realizes that the odds are stacked against us so horrendously that people will say, I am ready to do anything to get out of this trap.


Shocking News:

VP Prick Cheney's secret energy task force, the one he'll fight the Supreme Court on to keep secret, and the one which raped the state of California for their own profits, has members who are coming under criminal indictment:

"But Cheney ?s denials that his friends in the energy sector weren?t to blame for the power crisis are sure to come back and haunt him and could hamper President Bush?s reelection campaign. Later this month, the United States Attorney?s office in the Northern District of California is expected to issue its first criminal indictment against an energy company for manipulating wholesale energy prices in California that could boost the state?s claims that it?s owed billions in refunds for overcharges. The company at the center of the probe is Houston-based Reliant Resources, Inc.

Reliant said in a news release March 8 that it was notified by the US Attorney?s office about the pending indictment, which stems from allegations that the company deliberately shut down its power plants in California for a few days in June 2000, creating an artificial shortage and causing wholesale prices to skyrocket.

A spokesman for the US Attorney?s office said he could not comment on pending cases, but he confirmed that his office is also seeking criminal indictments against several current and former Reliant employees whom he would not name. A Reliant spokesman said ?the actions that are the subject of the United States Attorney's investigation were not in violation of laws, tariffs or regulations in effect at the time and intends vigorously to contest any charges.?


And because not everything should be about killing and lies and killing liars and lying about those who lied about killing, Ok, well, maybe it is:

Israel Vows To Kill All Hamas Leaders

(bully for them, someone actually FIGHTING the war on terror instead of killing for oil....)

lastly, no, something bloody well happy for a Wedesday, I did a Google news search for happy and came up with, ITEM NUMBER ONE USING THE WORD "HAPPY" IN THE NEWS:

Happy Birthday to Fucking Game Boy, which is not even fucking human --- so there you go, folks.

Whilst humans are off killing each other in bloody puddles every morning, the machines are having a good time.

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