woensdag, november 26, 2003

Queen OKs Sex Change Weddings

The Independant reports men and women who have had sex-change operations will be able to marry and adopt children for the first time under a change to the law to be announced in the Queen's Speech today.

The Gender Recognition Bill will allow transsexuals to tear up their birth certificates, which record their original sexes, and apply for fresh ones recording their new genders.

This of course, comes as wonderful news to a certain President of the United States because everyone now knows that George W. Bush is in fact, a black transsexual named Wilma. This explains his otherwise inexpliquable trip to England recently: to lobby the Queen for transsexual marriages and to begin plans to move to England with his wife and first lady, that tough Hombre, Laura Bush. It certainly beats Jail for the Bushes.

Of course, not all the news is "good" news. A bitter battle over the future of the Scottish parliament will be sparked today when the Queen's Speech opens the door to Holyrood reform. By the way, Holyrood is not Engrish for Hollywood, it is the The Queen's official residence in Scotland. The annual speech, which reveals the Government's agenda, will include plans to reopen the Scotland Act that set up devolution.

The main aim of the move is to take out a clause which would slash the number of MSPs from 129, in line with plans to cut the number of Scottish MPs from 72 to 59.

Coming on the heels of the Dutch 6-0 thrashing of Scotland last week, it spells bad news for those who believe that if it's not Scottish, it's crrrraaaaap!



Whilst developing creativity,
also cultivate receptivity.
Retain the mind like that of a child,
which flows like running water.

When considering any thing,
do not lose its opposite.
When thinking of the finite,
do not forget infinity;

Act with honour, but retain humility.
By acting according to the way of the Tao,
set others an example.

By retaining the integrity
of the inner and external worlds,
true selfhood is maintained,
and the inner world made fertile.

The Tao Te Ching
A Translation by Stan Rosenthal


On a completely different note, here are a few choice, hideous photos, via rotten:

Michael Jackson's mug shot


some poor bloke who did not quite make it all the way across the railroad tracks


A final update on the World Cup of Rugby:

Rugby fans downed 37m pints.

The United Kingdom has one of the highest excise taxes on beer in the European Union. Estimates are than more than one million pints a day are being smuggled into Britain by increasingly organised criminal gangs.

It Must Be The Local Water:

Fat Buddha says:

"My two year old has taken to telling anyone who will listen "Bush go home!", at least when he isn't enquiring "you want a peice of me?". He doesn't get it from me."

My kind of kid.

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