woensdag, november 19, 2003

Da Bush Has Landed!

The man whom London Mayor Ken Livingstone called " the greatest threat to life on this planet that we've most probably ever seen" has arrived in London. Maybe that's why London is deploying 14,000 cops on the streets.

The Spectator has a nice Hail To The Chief homage, complete with silly photo:

"Buckingham Palace is not equipped to cope with George Bush. The 100 new telephone lines and elaborate satellite networks that inevitably accompany an American president are causing dismay. One courtier expressed alarm that they will disrupt domestic communications in the palace, above all committing the cardinal sin of interfering with the Queen’s favourite viewing, Channel Four Racing and Coronation Street. A palace source says that White House security men wanted a Black Hawk helicopter, identical to the gunships used in the Gulf war, hovering above the palace throughout the period of the presidential occupation, ready to shoot down with awesome fire-power any suicide bomber or terrorist seeking to crash a plane into Buckingham Palace. The Queen rejected the idea on the grounds that it would be ‘too noisy’. "

For up-to-the-minute information on Dubya's whereabouts and body parts, have a look at Chasing Bush.

or, Bush Flies to Fortress London

And, of course, in your free time, there is the ever-popular Impeach-Bush-Now

So when you're bored at watching the protesters shot down by over-zealous American secret service agents, you can all sing along to Bush's "Bomb":

Wanted to buy you shiny red things
Thought I'd be with you until the end
How did I know that I would be there
Blow me away
See if I care

Death of a future
Goodbye to my friends
Wish I could see you all again
Family hollow
Family real
Wish you were here see how I feel

Kill a man
Kill a girl
Kill a man
Kill a girl

Jekyll in you
Brins out the wired in me
I have no defense
I'm all that you see
The night is a bomb blast
The night is on fire
Sing with me in the gasoline choir

And you say you want to change our minds
I've paid for your belief with mine
Of all the bravest stands in ti;me

You stoop so low you'll never rise

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