woensdag, november 12, 2003

Bureau of Statistics...

Shot for desertion: 266 soldiers, 2 officers
Shot for cowardice: 18 soldiers
Shot for disobedience: 5 soldiers
Shot for sleeping on post: 2 soldiers
Shot for quitting post: 7 soldiers
Shot for striking or violence: 6 soldiers

— British Army Official Statistics, 1918


The hyena with polished face & bow tie,
In the office of a billion dollar
Corporation devoted to service;
The vulture dripping with carrion,
Carefully & carelessly robed in imported tweeds,
Lecturing on the Age of Abundance;
The jackal in the double-breasted gabardine,
Barking by remote control,
In the United Nations...
The Superego in a thousand uniforms,
You, the finger man of the behemoth,
The murderer of the young men...

— Kenneth Rexroth, "Thou Shalt Not Kill",
written in response to the death of Dylan


Anarchists and Subcommandante Bush

THOUSANDS of protesters are planning to storm Buckingham Palace in an attempt to humiliate President George W Bush when he stays there during his State visit to Britain next month. (um, don't think he's going to need any help humiliating himself once he opens his mouth...)

Anarchist groups are secretly planning to swamp tight security at the Palace by sending thousands of protesters over the walls at the same time.

They are using the Internet and text messages to organise the attack on the Queen's residence - where the US President and his wife Laura will be staying.


The Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain hope that 100,000 protesters will take to the streets. Scotland Yard has cancelled all leave for the three days Bush will be in London.

About 3,800 British police will be involved in the security operation, in addition to up to 250 armed US Secret Service agents.

Sir John Stevens, commissioner of the Metropolitan police, is in a position of acute sensitivity. While the White House is insisting on maximum security, Livingstone's office has made clear to Scotland Yard its insistence that those who want to are left free to demonstrate. One source said: "The view was expressed that a legitimate protest must be facilitated."


British police have refused to comment on media reports that White House security staff have demanded vast central London exclusion zones for President George W Bush's visit, which starts next Wednesday.

With all police leave cancelled, up to 100,000 protesters vowing to take to the streets and with Prime Minister Tony Blair attempting to quash anti-Bush rhetoric, London's Metropolitan police commissioner admitted the visit presented an "unprecedented" challenge.

"It's going to be a big test for the Met in terms of what we have to do to prevent an attack on the president, any member of the royal family and any member of the cabinet," said a spokeswoman for Scotland Yard police headquarters.

"We have to balance preventative measures with allowing people to demonstrate in a peaceful manner."

The police acknowledged that having Mr Bush, Mr Blair and Queen Elizabeth in the same place at the same time presents a tempting target for would-be attackers.

The Lord Mayor of London Ken Livingston says and exclusion zone that would take in the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace and Downing Street during the visit would cause unacceptable economic disruption.

Mr Bush will stay with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

Anarchy in the UK

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