woensdag, oktober 08, 2003

The Society of the Spectacle

"The world at once present & absent which
the spectacle makes visible is the world of the
commodity dominating all that is lived. The
world of the commodity is thus shown for
what it is, because its movement is identical
to the estrangement of men among
themselves & in relation to their global

— Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle

Item One: Sexually-harassing Nazi wins the day in California. Californians voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to recall Gov. Gray Davis and chose as his replacement Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilder and movie actor making his first run for office, according to a survey of voters leaving the polls. Perhaps California, not New Mexico, should be named the Dumbest State in America.

Item Two: In a "shocking" revelation, President George Bush has said he does not know whether federal investigators will ever find who leaked the identity of a CIA agent:

"This is a large administration... I don't know if we're going to find out the senior administration official"

What more would one expect from an administration that can't find any weapons of mass destruction?


By now, everyone must know: Absinthe is the drink of Champions! C'est ma santé!


The Jury Is Out:

Justice Thurgood Marshall reportedly told one of his law clerks during the Reagan administration that "if I die while that man's president, I want you to just prop me up and keep me voting."

"It has been assumed that President Bush would have an opportunity to appoint one or more justices. However, since Bill Clinton selected Stephen Breyer in 1994, the high court lineup has remained unchanged — longer than any lineup in more than 150 years. Retirement speculation reached fever pitch in the spring, when pundits predicted that as many as four justices might retire."


Was it all the nuclear testing back in the 40s that finally did them in? New Mexico is officially ranked as the Nation's Dumbest State.

And to think, California is 44th! Who will New Mexico elect as their new governor...the Alien of Roswell?

Meanwhile, the President Bush Dog Toy has its day.


Threatening to throw a monkey wrench in an already highly anticipated match,the England football squad last night voted unanimously to strike unless Rio Ferdinand was reinstated to the squad.

The players said that they would not travel to Turkey for Saturday’s vital European Championship qualification match unless Ferdinand, who was dropped from the team for failing to take a random drugs test, was given his place back.

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