zaterdag, oktober 11, 2003

Brotherhood of Pigs

"America’s Iraq-sticker-shock may turn to anger when taxpayers discover the small group of men and companies reaping the benefits of President Bush’s newly found appreciation for nation building.

While Vice President Dick Cheney’s company, Halliburton, has attracted most press attention for its Iraq-related contracts, Halliburton is hardly the whole story. Its share is but a slice of the multi-billion dollar pie being divided up among a brotherhood of unusually well connected and economically related individuals and entities.

Cukoo For Christianity

Oh. whom to root for on this one? On the one hand, while there is a strong belief that fundamentalists of any religion should be rounded up and executed, TV Evangelist and Fundamentalist Christian, Pat Robertson suggested that the State Department should be nuked.

But this wasn't even the first time he suggested it.

In a June interview with Mowbray on the "700 Club", Robertson made similar remarks. "Maybe we need a very small nuke thrown off on Foggy Bottom to shake things up like Newt Gingrich wants to do," he said.

Just Another Drug-Addict

Looks like the debate is over. A little over a week ago, Rush Limbaugh, the waterboy for the Pathologically Ignorant, noted that "I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well,'' Limbaugh opined. "There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve. The defense carried this team."

Some applauded his honesty but everyone outside of Republican monkeys and racists, were appalled by the stupidity and ignorance of such a remark. Shortly thereafter, Limbaugh resigned his position on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown pregame show where he worked primarily to draw in the remaining moron viewing audience who somehow weren't already drawn to the NFL to begin with.

Not surprisingly, those whacky remarks can now be attributed to drug addiction. Limbaugh now whines that that he is addicted to painkillers and is checking into a rehab center to "break the hold this highly addictive medication has on me."

Why is HE the one taking the painkillers when his he's such a pain in the ass himself?

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