dinsdag, oktober 07, 2003


Nothing is left and this nothing is increasingly
aggressive, totalitarian, & omnipresent.

Our experience today is the strange one of
empty political institutions in which no one
has any confidence any more, of a system
of government which functions only in the
interests of a political class, & at the same
time of the almost infinite growth of power,
authority, & social control which makes any
one of our democracies a more authoritarian
mechanism than the Napoleonic state.

— Jacques Ellul,
Anarchie et Christianisme

If it's true, what they say, that California is the trendsetter for America, well then, some of you bastards are in for a hard ride ahead.

They say poetic justice is defined thusly: The rewarding of virtue and the punishment of vice, often in an especially appropriate or ironic manner.

Ladies and gentlemen of America, may I present your reward for idly standing by or even applauding as your half-wit President led the nation into economic ruin, bloodshed and scorn:

The Ultimate American Dream: Arnold Schwarzenegger, soon-to-be governor over the 5th largest economy in the world. You might say he's come the full circle.

It's a shame he can't be President because virtually no man better symbolizes the half-wit nature of American politics while simultaneously exemplifying the single-minded glorification of greed for the almighty Dollar that led the world into the invasion of Iraq and the blood-letting of the American economy.

Now I can let the cat out of the bag:

All I want for Christmas is a bombed-out dollhouse:

Welcome to the new millennium of war toys. Gone are cartoonishly idealistic action figures, soft plastic guns and the model jet fighters of yore. They have been replaced by bazookas with explosive noises, exacting copies of long-range sniper rifles, a "peacekeeper" battle station complete with tripod-mounted cannon and counterterrorism advisers as action figures.


driving the freeway while
listening to the Country & Western boys
sing about a broken heart
& the honkytonk blues,
it seems that things just don't work
most of the time
& when they do it will be for a
short time
well, that's not news.
nothing's news.
it's the same old thing in

from the poem: "The Last Song," by : Charles Bukowski

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